Get More Sales With a Proven Marketing Funnel

Never worry about chasing your tail to find new clients. Leverage a marketing funnel that works 24/7 to bring in leads.
Automate lead follow-up. Fill your calendar with qualified prospects. Close more sales.
Easily Scale Your Business Fast
Eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tasks with automated systems that work faster, cost you less and never sleep. After 5 years and over 480 client implementation success stories, we've proven that no matter what you're selling, this truly is the most reliable way to grow your business.

 Consistently. Predictably. Dependably. 

Marketing Automation
Right Message, Right Person, Right Time
Attract a steady flow of qualified leads on autopilot
Automated email campaigns to engage with leads
Online opt-in forms for easy lead capture
High converting specialised landing pages
Lead scoring to prioritise lead follow up effectively
Easily grow your social media community
Lead Generation

Attract a flood of steady qualified leads to your business using paid or organic traffic, your website, landing pages and social media.

Email Marketing
Email is still the most powerful platform to use to increase your  customer lifetime value with powerful customer engagement campaigns.
Landing Pages
A standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. Optimised for lead or sales conversions.
Web Forms
Easily collect contact information, generate leads, accept payments, and more. Forms are easy to embed on your website or landing page.
Viral Giveaways
Use the power of social media and get people talking, liking, following, tweeting and sharing your content using viral giveaways.
Monitor all your conversation rates in real-time. Always be optimising for better results. Measure the ROI of all your marketing efforts.
Lead Scoring
Use Lead Scoring to assign points to certain milestones and actions taken by your leads. Then be notified when it is time to take action. 
Lead Nurture
Use Lead Nurture campaigns to bond with, educate and nurture leads over time. Then, seamlessly convert them into paying customers.
Sales Automation
Sell Your Products and Services
Automate every sales task and process
Customised lead routing systems and strategies
Online order forms & payment gateways
One-click upsells increases profit margins
Lead scoring to prioritise leads and follow up
Automated evergreen webinars 
Conversion Funnels
High-converting funnels, email journeys and drip campaigns that automate your client on-boarding processes, sales and upsell cycles.
Evergreen Webinars
Evergreen webinars that run 24/7 and simulate a live event. Communicate pre and post webinar with built in autoresponders and live chat moderation.
Sales Pages
Standalone pages created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your product using highly persuasive sales psychology.
Payment Forms
User friendly and responsive payment forms that make it easy for leads to buy via shopping carts with paypal, debit cards, credit cards or EFT.
Sales people suck at follow up. Use automated follow up sequences to never drop any ball and eventually even convert the most unengaged leads.
Upsell Sequences
Upsell sequences capitalise on hyper responsive buyers by offering upsells of additional products or services upon shopping cart  checkout.
Referral Programs
Leverage word of mouth marketing with automated referral programs that reward referral partners for leads that become 
Calendar Automation
Eliminate time wastage with back and forth emails or calls to secure appointments. Use an automated live calendar booking system.
Business Automation
Strategise, Systemise, Optimise, Scale
Automate repetitive business tasks to increase productivity
Find and eliminate bottlenecks to increase effeciency
Measure performance to gauge results
Test new processes to optimise results and keep what works
Standardise the optimal processes and boost productivity
Automated your delivery processes and always delight customers
Task Management
Assign tasks to certain team members in real time. Track and measure their performance and never miss a task or deadline. Receive  performance
Automated Delivery
Send delivery details to your dispatch department or a delivery partner. No human intervention required. Track stock and delivery status to ensure customer deliveries run smoothly.
Lead Routing
Route the right lead, to the right person, at the right time, with the right skillset. Maximise your lead conversions by leveraging each staff member's
Cart Abandonment
Cart-abandonment sequences or late payment reminders ensure you maximise your sales conversion by prompting checkout completion or swift payment.
Customer Insights
Gain powerful insights into your customers'  behaviour and buying trends. Use this data to increase your customer lifetime value & create truly amazing customer journeys & personalised experiences.​​​​
Boost Conversions
Monitor all your conversation rates in real-time. Always be optimising for better results & measure the ROI of all your marketing efforts. Then scale your best results effortlessly. 
Split Testing
Split Test all your email and landing page headlines. Split test funnels, calls-to-action, colours, fonts and processes. Then keep the highest performing ones. Know what works and lose what doesn't.
Lead Scoring
Use Lead Scoring to assign points to certain milestones and actions taken by your leads. Then be notified when it is time to take action. Eliminating unnecessary follow up calls or visits and saving time.
"We have to pause our ads because our team can't process all the new leads & orders."
​- Gaby Talbot -
"Our new Automated Sales Machine has increased our revenue by over 341%."
​- Paul Spencer -
"We went from getting 3-5 new leads a week to over 20 a day."
​- Jason Marsh -
"Growthfuze's CRM solution has revolutionised my entire business."
-  Mark Hughes -
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"Super stoked guys... Our email campaigns are converting at 24% off the bat."
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