The Fully Automated Sales Machine

A 6-step conversion funnel customised to your existing sales and marketing
processes & developed using highly persuasive sales psychology and copy

All Systemised. All Automated. All The Time.

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Customised And Optimised
Developed by the world's leading marketers by sending over 2 billion sales emails, performing over 3000 split tests and using analytics and conversion rates to find the highest converting strategies. Your 6-step conversion funnel is customised to your existing sales & marketing processes & developed with powerful strategies, email journeys, drip marketing and highly persuasive sales psychology. Eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tasks with automated systems that work faster, cost you less and never sleep.

 Consistently. Predictably. Dependably. 

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Research & Analysis
We do a full audit & analysis of your current sales & marketing processes, customer time-to-value and  lifetime-value.  Then Establish the highest impact growth areas.

Using your existing customers we create Customer Profiles segmented into groups with similar goals and characteristics.  This is used for tailoring marketing messaging.

Your website is evaluated to establish if it is optimised inline with the conversion strategy. If not, we can choose to either optimise it, or use custom built Landing Pages instead.

Finally we find the key market segment with the most customers whose needs and desires most closely match your offering to ensure paid traffic sources produce optimised results.​​​
Product Splintering
We first identify your Core Offer. This is your main product or service. If your business sells multiple products or services, we first start with your highest performing product or service as your initial Core Offer.

We then 
splinter a Lead Magnet, Tripwire Offer and Profit Maximiser off this. See detailed descriptions of these under separate headers.

Once your initial Core Offer Funnel is fully automated and optimised, we then tackle each of your other products and services.

Until you have a Lead Magnet, Tripwire Offer, Core Offer & Profit Maximiser for each. Along with their own personalised Engagement Sequence tailored to that product or service and the target market.
Conversion Optimisation
We transform your website or Landing Pages into powerful revenue generating assets. By including a LM with a strong single purpose CTA. Generating Free Organic Traffic and getting leads to enter themselves into your funnel.

Lead Magnets can also be tweeted or posted to facebook.  Increasing your organic opt-ins.

​​​Using your Customer Profiles to select the perfect Paid Traffic source we refine your messaging. Producing higher converting ads with predictable ROI's.​​​​

Conversion rates are monitored over a 3-month period, and adjustments made to the messaging, timing and offers until fully optimised.
The Lead Magnet
A Lead Magnet is a free downloadable resource specific to your Core Offer and irresistible to new prospects that visit your website.

This is given in exchange for their contact details. Like a free consult, brochure, free guide, case study, etc.

Let's use a premium coffee company as an example. If their Core Offer is a premium coffee blend, then a great Lead Magnet would be recipes to make your own iced coffee and coffee flavoured biscuits or ice-cream.

The Lead Magnet exchange is their first "transaction" with your company.  Even though no money has exchanged hands, they have been satisfied as you delivered on your promise and they are now in your funnel.
The Tripwire
The Tripwire Offer is a small chunk of your Core Offer that is offered in the intial Engagement Sequence.  

In the case of our coffee company example, this would be a Promo Pack with small samples of various flavours. The price is always low enough to justify an easy purchase or impulse buy and the product both valuable enough so they feel happy with their purchase, yet also incomplete or limited, so they are left wanting more.

This Tripwire purchase is crucial, as it changes the subconscious way the lead feels about you. They are now a paying customer and trust is established. Existing customers are 20% more likely to buy from you.  So the Core Offer now has higher conversion rates.
The Profit Maximiser
In some buinesses a Profit Maximiser does not apply.  In these cases we could cross-sell other products or services or change the strategy to seek referrals instead.

A Proft Maximiser is an additional upsell and high-ticket item bolstered onto your Core Offer.

In the case of the coffee company example, this could be a monthly subscription (delivered to your door), or even a coffee machine or engraved latte glasses etc.

This is usually pure profit as ​​​​​​it is not an income stream you have previously exploited.  It is also a wasted opportunity when not leveraged, as by now your lead is a satisfied repeat customer in primed buying mode and we want to use that momentum to delight them one last time. 
The Engagement Sequence
The Engagement Sequence focuses with pin-point accuracy on exactly what the lead is interested in and nothing else. If you sell multiple products and services the first step is to simply ask what they are most interested in.

This then fires off the exact Engagement Sequence for that specific item, keeping the new lead engaged.

First selling the Tripwire Offer, then the Core Offer.  If the tripwire is not purchased they will be routed to Segmentation to establish other products of interest.  If they purchase the Tripwire, they are then presented with The Core Offer and eventually the Profit Maximiser.

Depending on your processes and business model, the sale and even the delivery can all be automated without any human intervention.

One click buy now payment portals and shopping carts handle the payments.  Task management then create orders and delivery notes and directly sent to your dispatch, sales department or delivery partner.

You get notified when a sale is made, and then again when the delivery is complete.
Business Automation
Business Automation is the fastest and easiest way to grow your business as software can handle the work of thousands of staff members all simultaneously. Never forgetting to follow up and never letting leads go cold.

Some companies just have their automated funnel to produce additional revenue.  Others have it simply handle the lead acquisition or task management.

These days most entrepreneurs have the software handle everything from start to finish. Never needing staff or premises.

If you are currently using an all-in-one business automation platform, we can either hand you the customised blueprint and automation map to implement yourself.  Or we can configure it for you.

If you don't have a software platform yet, we will help you get started on the right one for you and preconfigure it with your Rapid Revenue Growth System.

We will then train your users so they can hit the ground running.
Sales Psychology
Human nature is infallible and predictable. Marketing agencies have been using these psychological principles since the beginning of time.

No matter what your service or product there is one scientific way to get anybody to buy it.

If you are providing a service that alleviates a problem.  The process is simply... empathise with the lead, agitate the problem, then show how your service solves that problem, then describe their ideal emotional state once that problem is solved.

If you sell high-end brands then prestige and ego is the key. This list goes on and we have over 60 templated strategies that cover it all with intuitive systems that auto-pivot, based on lead interaction & engagement.

Ensuring you always deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

​​​​​​Ending emails with open loops. (intriguing statements alluding to something), builds intrigue ensuring next email is opened so the next journey and phase of the sales psychology is delivered.
The Fully Automated Sales Machine
A 6-step conversion funnel customised to your existing sales & marketing processes & developed
using powerful strategies, email journeys, drip marketing and highly persuasive sales psychology.
Step 1:  Attract Leads
Lead Magnets attract new leads by offering a specific valuable downloadable resource (case study, free estimate, quick guide, brochure etc) in exchange for their email address.
Step 2:  Bonding Sequence
As new leads add themselves, a series of 1-3 emails are triggered, which introduce your business and its products/services. Uncovering their exact interest and building rapport.
Step 3:  Engagement Sequences
Multiple email series' of 3-12 emails then start selling based on each leads personal requirement.  Using highly persuasive tailored sales psychology and timing.
Step 4:  Upsell Sequence
A series of 1-7 emails then sells higher valued products/services to active buyers from Engagement Series, by leveraging powerful emotional tactics like greed, logic, fear & gain.
Step 5:  Segmentation Sequence
Leads are then surveyed to uncover additional topics, products/services of interest.  The goal here is to get them to opt-back-in to another product/service specific Engagement Series.
Step 6:  Re-Engagement Sequence
Aimed at getting dead leads to re-engage using incentives & ethical bribes.  Re-engaged leads are routed back to Segmentation then another Engagement Series.  The rest are removed.

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