Insane Growth
​​​​​​​With a Proven and Powerful Formula

There are 4 areas of your business you can focus on, optimize, and drive geometric growth. The 4 areas are:

Leads - if you could double your number of leads, you could double your business.

Customers - if you could double your number of customers, you could double your business.

Margin - if you could double your profit margin on each customer, you could double your business.

Frequency - if you could double the frequency your clients buy, you could double your business.

Now look what happens when you apply this Business Growth Formula:

(2 x Leads) x (2 x Customers) x (2 x Margin) x (2 x Frequency) = 16x Growth Potential

By doubling EACH of those 4 areas, you could get geometric growth of 16x (or 1600%).

So how do you actually achieve growth like this?  The answer is, implementing a step-by-step process to attract, convert, and retain your best customers.

It's called the Customer Value Journey and it looks like this:

The Customer Value Journey

1. Aware -- be seen by your prospects
2. Engage -- ongoing conversation 
3. Subscribe -- they opt-in 
4. Convert -- they make a small purchase
5. Excite -- you deliver value
6. Ascend -- they make bigger purchases
7. Advocate -- they tell others about you
8. Promote -- you have a partner program

While each of the 8 stages is important, the 3 stages in the Customer Value Journey that are directly and immediately responsible for your growth are...

Subscribe - get new leads to give you their contact information.

Convert - get new customers to make an investment of money or time.

Ascend - get customers to purchase higher value products or services, and purchase more frequently.

If you implement this process into your business, you'll be able to increase your leads, increase your customers, increase your margin, and increase your purchase frequency.

Some of our client's results using this process.

● One financial services provider got 894 new customers from $15,054 spent on ads, for total sales of $733,676.

●​​​​​​​ One hair salon filled their calendar with customer bookings 6 weeks in advance and grew by 317%.
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