Marketing Automation

Automate all your high-touch and repetitive marketing tasks and processes
for increased operational efficiency, profit maximisation and scalability.

All Systemised. All Automated. All The Time.

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Lead Generation
Attract a flood of steady qualified leads to your business using paid or organic traffic, your website, specialised landing pages and social media. Or lure them with Lead Magnets, which are high-quality freebies offered to leads in exchange for their email address.
Email Marketing
Email is still the most powerful platform to use to increase your  customer's lifetime value by sending newsletters, and offers. Boost sales with targeted  campaigns that engage, educate, nurture and foster long-term repeat buying relationships.
Landing Pages
Capture more leads with beautiful and high converting landing pages that position your free Lead Magnet or valuable offer, product or service. All our landing pages are mobile-resposnive and designed to function flawlessly on any screen size.
Web Forms
Easily collect contact information, generate leads, accept payments, and much more. They are mobile-responsive and use conditional logic to change certain fields based on contact's input and then import all the information into your database.
Viral Giveaways
Use the power of social media and get people talking, liking, following, tweeting and sharing your content using viral giveaways that boost engagement.
Monitor all your conversation rates in real-time. Always be optimising for better results and measure the ROI of all your marketing efforts. Then scale your best results effortlessly.
Lead Scoring
Use Lead Scoring to assign points to certain milestones and actions taken by your leads. Then be notified when it is time to take action. Eliminating unnecessary follow up calls or visits and saving time.
Lead Nurture
Use Lead Nurture campaigns to bond with, educate and nurture leads over time. Then, seamlessly convert them into paying customers at their own pace.
"We have to pause our ads because our team can't process all the new leads & orders."
​- Gaby Talbot -
"Our new Rapid Revenue Growth System has increased our revenue by over 341%."
​- Paul Spencer -
"We went from getting 3-5 new leads a week to over 20 a day."
​- Jason Marsh -
"Growthfuze's CRM solution has revolutionised my entire business."
-  Mark Hughes -
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"Super stoked guys... Our email campaigns are converting at 24% off the bat."
- Andrea Smuts -
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