Sales Automation

Automate, measure and optimise sales tasks, workflows
and conversion rates to increase operational efficiency.

All Systemised. All Automated. All The Time.

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Pitch | Convert | Upsell | Fulfill
Streamline and automate your all your sales tasks, including order processing, payment handling, inventory control, order tracking, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. Gain insights on who has opened your emails and viewed your proposals, then only get notified once a prospect has reached a certain amount of milestones and is ready to buy. Measure and optimise sales tasks, workflows and conversion rates to increase operational efficiency. Automate all your prospect, customer and partner communications so that you can save time, scale your business, and create a consistently remarkable customer experience.

 Consistently. Predictably. Dependably. 

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Conversion Funnels
High-converting funnels, email journeys and drip campaigns that automate your client on-boarding processes and sales cycles based on each leads individual requirements and behaviours. 
Evergreen Webinars
Evergreen webinars that run 24/7 and create the illusion of being live for each and every person that attends. Including systematic question posting and automated answering.
Sales Pages
Fully responsive and high-converting sales pages that follow international best practice standards using highly persuasive sales psychology and copy that gets people to buy.
Payment Forms
User friendly and responsive payment forms that make it easy for leads to buy via shopping carts. Using paypal, debit or credit cards or EFT.
Sales people suck at follow up.  Use automated follow up sequences to never drop any ball and eventually convert customers that repeatedly first say no.
Upsell Sequences
One click upsell sequences upon checkout, or sell similar products to regular buyers.  Boost your profits by automating upsell sequences to highly responsive buyers.
Referral Programs
Automate your referral programs to reward customers for making a referral and organically grow your customer base. Turn  customers into raving fans.
Calendar Automation
Eliminate time wastage and back and forth emails to secure appointments or calls with an automated live calendar booking system.
"We have to pause our ads because our team can't process all the new leads & orders."
​- Gaby Talbot -
"Our new Rapid Revenue Growth System has increased our revenue by over 341%."
​- Paul Spencer -
"We went from getting 3-5 new leads a week to over 20 a day."
​- Jason Marsh -
"Growthfuze's CRM solution has revolutionised my entire business."
-  Mark Hughes -
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"Super stoked guys... Our email campaigns are converting at 24% off the bat."
- Andrea Smuts -
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