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Easily Scale Your Business Fast 
Eliminate time-consuming and costly manual tasks with automated systems that work faster, cost you less and never sleep. Providing a more efficient and sleek customer experience that gets people talking. These are the same systems being used by thousands of businesses across 21 countries to scale revenue and maximise profits. After 4 years and over 350 client implementation success stories, we've proven that no matter what your selling, this truly is the most reliable way to grow just about any business.

 Consistently. Predictably. Dependably. 

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Marketing Automation

Attract | Engage | Optimise | Retarget
Automate all your high-touch and repetitive marketing tasks and processes for increased operational efficiency, profit maximisation and scalability. Use actionable data to optimise conversion rates and maximise returns. Increase each existing customer's Lifetime Value by using their buying trends and habits to sell to them again, or viral giveaways to boost referrals. Our done for you systems start from as simple as a small custom kickstarter campaign, to a fully intuitive and automated marketing machine that guides each lead on a unique customer journey based on their own behaviors and preferences.  All on autopilot.
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Sales Automation

Pitch | Convert | Upsell | Fulfill
Automate all your sales tasks, including Reporting, Lead Distribution, Lead Prioritisation, Record Creation, Order Processing, Payment Handling, Inventory Control, Order Tracking, Customer & Partner Communications and Meeting-Booking Processes. Generate automated sales forecasts and employee performance evaluations. Gain insights on who has opened your emails and viewed your proposals, then only get notified once a prospect has reached a certain amount of predefined milestones and is ready to buy. Measure and optimise workflows and conversion rates to increase operational efficiency. Create a consistently remarkable customer experience.
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Business Automation

Score | Assign | Prepare | Deliver
Automate all your business’s operational processes to scale and grow faster. Streamline and eliminate any bottlenecks  to increase the output of your team. Then test, optimise and improve them. Measure the outcome each time you change a process so that you can make sure you are continually optimising for better results. Standardise the processes and systems that run your business so you can focus on projects that will make a bigger impact. By using automation to execute your internal and external processes you can ensure that you can increase your output without having to increase your running costs.
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The Fully Automated Sales Machine
A 6-step conversion funnel customised to your existing sales & marketing processes & developed
using powerful strategies, email journeys, drip marketing and highly persuasive sales psychology.
Step 1:  Attract Leads
Lead Magnets attract new leads by offering a specific valuable downloadable resource (case study, free estimate, quick guide, brochure etc) in exchange for their email address.
Step 2:  Bonding Sequence
As new leads add themselves, a series of 1-3 emails are triggered, which introduce your business and its products/services. Uncovering their exact interest and building rapport.
Step 3:  Engagement Sequences
Multiple email series' of 3-12 emails then start selling based on each leads personal requirement.  Using highly persuasive tailored sales psychology and timing.
Step 4:  Upsell Sequence
A series of 1-7 emails then sells higher valued products/services to active buyers from Engagement Series, by leveraging powerful emotional tactics like greed, logic, fear & gain.
Step 5:  Segmentation Sequence
Leads are then surveyed to uncover additional topics, products/services of interest.  The goal here is to get them to opt-back-in to another product/service specific Engagement Series.
Step 6:  Re-Engagement Sequence
Aimed at getting dead leads to re-engage using incentives & ethical bribes.  Re-engaged leads are routed back to Segmentation then another Engagement Series.  The rest are removed.
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Show Me How It All Works
"We have to pause our ads because our team can't process all the new leads & orders."
​- Gaby Talbot -
"Our new Rapid Revenue Growth System has increased our revenue by over 341%."
​- Paul Spencer -
"We went from getting 3-5 new leads a week to over 20 a day."
​- Jason Marsh -
"Growthfuze's CRM solution has revolutionised my entire business."
-  Mark Hughes -
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"Super stoked guys... Our email campaigns are converting at 24% off the bat."
- Andrea Smuts -
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