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So you’ve got a business…  that’s awesome! ­­

But chances are you’re looking to grow. Marketing is the act of promoting your business, products and services to your ideal target market. 

Eben Pagan gives  a simple definition for marketing “Marketing is communication that gets customers”.

Marketing happens over many channels such as Printed and Online Advertising, Webite, Pay-per-click, Facebook, Social Media, Press Releases and Trade Shows.

Problem is you have no idea what’s working and what’s not

You have no simple way to make all these separate marketing channels work together.

So a lot of money spent on advertising is either wasteful, not generating maximum returns, or failing completely.

The solution  is simpler than you might think

And for the first time in history, well within your reach.

Smart marketers are combining their strategy with technology, tools and systems to build powerful, automated marketing machines.

These “smart” technologies can be used to build detailed marketing funnels that guide potential customers through a logical pathway, until they become clients.

The true power is in the tracking of your marketing effectiveness

Which of these two scenarios are more effective?

Scenario 1 – Getting an instant alert when a potential customer has viewed your products page, clicked  on a specific product, watched the video related to that product…and filled in a request for more information.

Scenario 2 – Someone lands on your site, hits your home page…then leaves, never to return again.  You have no idea who they are, or what they were interested in, or didn’t like.

Does your marketing feel more like scenario 2?

You are not alone.  The extent of business automation for over 90% of businesses is virtually zero.

You may have an autoresponder solution (think MailChimp or Aweber) that will send out a “thank you” message when a contact “opts-in” or send out email broadcasts to your email list…but that’s about it!

So how are the other 10% using automation to scale their business?

The first step is to understand your process.

To further illustrate why smart marketers succeed, here’s a quick challenge!

Grab a pen and paper for this, it will take 3 quick minutes…

Write down your process to market, sell and supply one specific product or service you offer.

Here’s an example to get you started:

Process for selling [your product]

Step 1 – How do you drive traffic?

Step 2 – How do you capture leads?

Step 3 – How do you educate, nurture and follow-up with leads?

Step 4 – Your sales process?

Step 5 – Your delivery process?

Step 6 – How are you getting referrals?

Right, having written down your 6 step process you’re probably thinking…

“Man…that was difficult” or “I can’t actually do this” or “Geez, I never really thought about it that way”.

So what are the other 10% of marketers going differently?

For starters, they have created a process map – a simple flow chart showing their current processes (marketing, sales and supply/fulfilment).

Maps allow you to have a bird’s eye view of your business.

Once your map is completed you’re ready to start systemising your business.

Check out ONTRAPORT’s blog post on mapping.

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