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So you’ve let people know who you are, and got some leads…  good going!

Sales are the lifeblood of your business.

This is where you convert those leads into clients.  It is also where the bulk of your time, budget and resources are spent.

Over 80% of sales happen as a direct result of follow-up and follow-through campaigns, over the phone, in person, via email and online.

Problem is most businesses have no system of follow-up

They have no system leading to their clients buying decision, or after they say no.

Lack of follow-up is the main reason for poor sales conversion for many businesses.

Think about a time in the past 90 days where someone let you down.

Maybe your printer needed replacing, so you reached out to your supplier.

You requested a quote for a new printer.  “Bob”, the salesperson, said he would send out a quote that day.  He didn’t.

The next morning came and went, and by the end of the day, still nothing.

You were pretty irritated that Bob hadn’t delivered on his promise.  You picked up the phone to call and get your quote.

Bob gave you a huge apology and several excuses and said he will send  out your quote immediately.  He didn’t.

The quote arrived the next day.

How would that situation make you feel?

Bad follow-up will drive away a vast amount of leads and clients

While you were waiting for the sloppy follow-up from Bob, what if another supplier contacted you to sell you a brand new printer?

Would you be more, or less inclined to buy from the new supplier?

At a minimum, the bad follow-up by Bob would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Follow-up in your own business?

You might use CRM, email systems, order systems and a bunch of tools and processes to sell to, service and support clients and contacts.

You may have invested in these tools, or may be using free or open-source.

The challenge with this way of working is keeping consistency.  There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of manual work.

Just adding technology into the mix does not a marketing machine make.

The solution is to build an airtight, automated system of follow-up 

The key is to setup automated marketing machines that do the work for you.

Systems are able to work faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost.

Systems don’t take a day off, earn a salary, or slack off.  They work 24 hours a day to grow your business.

Systemising is easier and faster than any other time in history

Change is tough.  We don’t like changing what we’re doing.  We like to do what works and is easy.

It’s tough to throw out an old habit and replace it with a new one, even if the results are certain to be better.

For the first time in history, small business can leverage powerful tools, systems and strategies to grow and scale their businesses.

The reason this is possible is because the tools have been simplified.

Here’s a good example of this.  Think about the process and cost to build a website 10 years ago.

Scenario 1

  • You spend hours planning your vision of the site
  • Source a design company to design your website, content etc.
  • Source a good developer
  • Developer codes your website in PHP
  • They spend 3 months building your site
  • You get a site which is nothing like your vision
  • The developer and designer send their invoices
  • You have a heart attack!

Scenario 2

Fast-forward a few years ahead and some clever folks build a platform call WordPress.

Now anyone could easily publish a website in days.  No need to understand PHP, HTML, CCS or any other  web scripting languages.

Plus, WordPress has a bunch of free Themes, so no need to hire a design company.

But, although WordPress was a powerful tool, if you truly wanted to bring your vision to life, you still needed to understand PHP,  HTML, CCS and other scripting languages.

So, some more clever folks built a WordPress plugin called Visual Composer.  Now, you can simply drag and drop all the elements you need in place, and voila!  Awesomeness!

  • Your vision come to life
  • No expensive web developer needed
  • No expensive design company needed
  • No 3 month delay for your website build

Technology offers speed and automation.  This level of automation is 10x – 1000x faster than the “old way”.

What would being able to grow by 10x mean to your business?

Technology is truly “the great enabler”.

Although the previous example was about web design, the principle is prevalent in virtually every facet of business today.

For the first time in history entrepreneurs and small businesses can become competent at all the key areas of business.

Check out ONTRAPORT’s blog post on the 6 questions to see if you’re ready to systemise.

PS – in case you didn’t know, ONTRAPORT grew their business by 5000% in 3 short years by systemising their marketing, sales and fulfilment.

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