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Business building is all about system building

Building systems in your business is critical to your ability to scale.  Without systems, and processes for doing things, consistency is impossible.

Without consistency, your team will struggle to fulfil and delight on your sales promises.  The experience to each client would be different every time.

Systems can take you at your best – and put you on autopilot

Imagine delivering a killer sales presentation 100% of the time, or responding to a request for information in a prompt, professional and precise manner.

Now, imagine the reverse of that – no systems or processes.  You would be delivering a different version of your sales presentation to each person.  Your follow-up with each enquiry would be different every time, sometimes good, sometimes okay and sometimes terrible.

Systems let you track what’s working and not working

So, building systems in your business is key to your ability to grow and scale, but there’s a lot of information out there on building systems in your business, so who should you listen to?

It’s always smart to get advice from people who have already found success, then use those proven strategies to guide you.

Landon Ray, CEO of ONTRAPORT, wrote a powerful blog post on why believes that building automated systems in your business is a smart idea.

Check out Landon’s blog post on the benefits of systems.

PS – in case you didn’t know, ONTRAPORT grew revenue by 5000% in 3 short years by implementing systems in their business.

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